Formation of sunflower production efficiency in the agricultural enterprises

  • Natalya Kondratyuk Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V. V. Dokuchaev
Keywords: production efficiency, sunflower, production concentration, intensity, ecological production


The concept of sunflower production efficiency is specified and the indices system of its evaluation at the agricultural enterprises is generalized. The main tendencies of sunflower production in domestic agriculture and in agricultural enterprises activity of the oblast` are revealed. The conceptual principles of sunflower production efficiency increase at the agricultural enterprises with ecological standards adherence on the basis of ecological coefficient which takes into consideration the factors of the area under crop and the level of soil fertility renovation are proved. The method of determining this factor was approved as an example of specific farms. Dependence of sunflower production efficiency on the level of production concentration is investigated. The methodological approaches to efficiency evaluation of the certain expenses elements are improved.


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