Physical activity as a form of leisure of young people in Warsaw in the context of human capital

  • Marcin Kowalewski Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Keywords: human capital, tourism, physical activity, leisure activity


Human capital is an important factor in the economic growth of the country, therefore it should be developed and supported. One of the components of human capital is health, which can improve through physical activity. This is especially important for young people who are just shaping their habits.The aim of the article was to examine the preferences of young people in Warsaw in terms of physical activity as a form of leisure activity. It is encouraging that among the respondents there was neither the one person who did not practice any sport. Nearly 37 % of the respondents declared that they take physical activity 1–2 times a week, and 29 % even 3–4 times a week, which should be assessed very positively. The main motive of physical activity among people surveyed were health reasons. Young people of Warsaw are aware of good consequences and willing to take physical activity. Especially popular among them is running and dancing, which certainly is associated with the current fashion.



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