Peculiarities of insurance of agrarian enterprises’ activity

  • Vitalina Yarmolenko State Higher Educational Institution «Kherson State Agrarian University»
Keywords: agriculture, insurance, agricultural insurance, agribusiness market, agrarian enterprises, insurance contract, insurance sum, insurance programs, insurance products.


Purpose. The purpose of this research is to identify the specifics, condition and problems of the development of insurance activities of Ukrainian agrarian enterprises.

Methodology / approach. The methods of analysis and synthesis, due to which the diagnostics of the insurance segment in agriculture was conducted, were the basis of the methodological approaches in studying the state and dynamics of the agricultural insurance market. Abstraction for clarification of the essence and content of the concept of «agricultural insurance»; correlation and regression analysis for studying the factors of influence on the total volume agricultural insurance premiums; induction and deduction, generalization and formalization for the definition of the characteristics of insurance activities of agricultural enterprises.

Results. The essence, forms and types of insurance of activity of agrarian enterprises are considered. The problems and specifics of insurance business development of enterprises of agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine are revealed. The basic insurance products for agrarian enterprises are determined.

Originality / scientific novelty. Further development of identification of peculiarities and problems of development of insurance of activity of agricultural enterprises in the part of identification of basic insurance products and possibilities of their use was investigated.

Practical value / implications. The main results of the research can be applied in the practical activity of agricultural enterprises in order to minimize the risks of their functioning.


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