Formation of the ecological-economical management of ecologization of agrarian production

  • Mariia Bahorka Dnipro State Agrarian and Economic University
Keywords: organic production, ecologization of agrarian production, management, ecological-economic mechanism, economical stimulation, Ukraine.


Purpose. The aim of research is to study the main elements of ecological and economic management in the process of ecologization of agrarian production implementing economic and ecological instruments, methods of management, strategy of development.

Methodology / approach. The base for the methodological approaches while developing the innovative model of ecologization of agrarian production was methods of structural analysis (component analysis) and synthesis, due to them diagnostics, and estimation of ecological and economic potential of the industry were made; potential opportunities connected with strategic tasks were determined. 

Results. The model of the components of the ecological-economic mechanism of management of ecologization of agrarian production was proposed. The measures to ensure the environmentally friendly management of agrarian business were presented. The main directions of organizational and economic management of ecologization of agrarian production were presented. In the system of ecological-economical mechanism of achieving a high level of competitiveness on the innovative basis was carried out through application of the corresponding methods: organizational, economic, technical-technological, administrative.

Originality / scientific novelty. Novelty is determined by the implementation of the process of ecologization the agricultural production in the context of applying alternative management systems, in which agrarian enterprises are considered as the economic-ecological system, which is based on rational and ecologically grounded methods of production, by providing the quality of the produce and raw material.

Practical value / implications. The results from the analysis include the formed methods of ecological-economical management and mechanisms of their implementation towards: provision of the safe development in agribusiness of the region based on the innovative scheme by developing and supporting the organic production; provision of population with high-quality local ecologically safe produce.


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